two centsIn college football, conference realignment is a euphemistic term for power consolidation and gaining financial leverage.  Once conferences started realigning, there was a snowball effect where it began happening all over the NCAA landscape.

I think it is reasonable to believe that the proposed Comcast/Time Warner transaction will have similar impacts on in the cable and broadband landscapes.  Would anyone be surprised if the likes of Charter, Cox and Cablevision et al. are already looking over their shoulder for a dance partner?

The other thing that the state of conference realignment and the seemingly inevitable cable and broadband industry consolidation have in common is that the only certainty is that consumer prices will go up.

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Marketing Podcasts that Inspire Good Ideas

One reason I like listening to podcasts is because the actual voice element can make storytelling a lot more compelling.  You hear nuances you might not get from reading a whitepaper, for example.  They are also very portable.  Sometimes podcasts are good to have on in the background when you are trying to churn your own writing wheel.  A good story can inspire a good story.

Marketing Over Coffee is one my favorites.  Hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn, it is a brief recap of weekly marketing news with a bent toward marketing technology.  The podcast has a companion LinkedIn group for listeners to discuss related subjects.  Jim Redmile posed a question to the group about their favorite and most inspiring marketing podcasts.  The group delivered a bunch of good ones, and I have shared a sample below.  Did I miss any you think should be added to the list?

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One of the great pleasures of living in Boston is that occasionally you can attend events at places like Harvard and MIT. I always wonder about the stories of students passing by. Is that kid a future U.S. President or maybe an inventor who changes the world for the better?

Drew Houston, Dropbox founder and CEO, passed lots of people in the halls of MIT roughly 10 years ago. Last night he returned to his alma mater to share insight about his company’s story and approach to employee recruiting.  He was part of a “fire-side chat” moderated by Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of the MIT Technology Review. The MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge (MITEF) hosted the event. Here is my recap:

His Founder Story
The seed for Dropbox was planted during a bus trip from Boston to New York when Drew forgot his USB drive and thus did not have access to his work documents. He was frustrated and decided he was going to solve this problem for himself (hear the story in his words below).

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